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Cause Essay: The Cause of Obesity

24 Jun

In globalization era, many people get obesity. It is the common problem that we must know why the obesity is so booming in the world. We had known that everyone needs an amount of fat for storing energy. If the consumption of fatty food is too over, it can be bad effects to our body metabolism. Obesity has three causes: sedentary lifestyle, eating a lot of food, and night eating syndrome.


The first cause of obesity is eating a lot of food. In this century, many problems can increase the stress. For example, as a college student we have a lot of assignment that have to be finished in the same deadline. It makes us very stressful. So, many college students run from the stressful problem to food. The more we eat, the more a chance to get obese fast.


The second cause is night eating syndrome. People especially college students have a lot of assignment that have to be finished for tomorrow. They do not have time to finish their assignment except they have an additional time to finish it. So, most college students decide to stay up all night to do that. When they are doing that, they will feel hungry. They tend to eat a lot of food like chocolate. After that, they will fall asleep and the food will be fat. Of course, it becomes obese when they do it repeatedly.


Third cause is sedentary lifestyle. Sedentary lifestyle is a bad lifestyle that people are too lazy to do something. They tend to be silent without a movement. They do not need to move their foot to spend a lot of energy to do something. When they keep on the sedentary lifestyle to their life, they have big possibility get obese. For example, recently people just stay at home when they want to eat especially fast food. It is because they can call the delivery order. It makes their fat folded. Finally, they get obesity if they do that repeatedly and intensively.


In short, there are three factors that make people obese. They are eating a lot of food, night eating syndrome, and sedentary lifestyle. I think as a human being we want to keep our body health. So, we must concern about three factors above.