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Daddy – Sylvia Plath : Poetry Analysis

27 Jun

You do not do, you do not do

Any more, black shoe

In which I have lived like a foot

For thirty years, poor and white,

Barely daring to breathe or Achoo.


Daddy, I have had to kill you.

You died before I had time—

Marble-heavy, a bag full of God,

Ghastly statue with one gray toe

Big as a Frisco seal


And a head in the freakish Atlantic

Where it pours bean green over blue

In the waters off the beautiful Nauset.

I used to pray to recover you.

Ach, du.


In the German tongue, in the Polish town

Scraped flat by the roller

Of wars, wars, wars.

But the name of the town is common.

My Polack friend


Says there are a dozen or two.

So I never could tell where you

Put your foot, your root,

I never could talk to you.

The tongue stuck in my jaw.


It stuck in a barb wire snare.

Ich, ich, ich, ich,

I could hardly speak.

I thought every German was you.

And the language obscene


An engine, an engine,

Chuffing me off like a Jew.

A Jew to Dachau, Auschwitz, Belsen.

I began to talk like a Jew.

I think I may well be a Jew.


The snows of the Tyrol, the clear beer of Vienna

Are not very pure or true.

With my gypsy ancestress and my weird luck

And my Taroc pack and my Taroc pack

I may be a bit of a Jew.


I have always been scared of you,

With your Luftwaffe, your gobbledygoo.

And your neat mustache

And your Aryan eye, bright blue.

Panzer-man, panzer-man, O You—-


Not God but a swastika

So black no sky could squeak through.

Every woman adores a Fascist,

The boot in the face, the brute

Brute heart of a brute like you.


You stand at the blackboard, daddy,

In the picture I have of you,

A cleft in your chin instead of your foot

But no less a devil for that, no not

Any less the black man who


Bit my pretty red heart in two.

I was ten when they buried you.

At twenty I tried to die

And get back, back, back to you.

I thought even the bones would do.


But they pulled me out of the sack,

And they stuck me together with glue.

And then I knew what to do.

I made a model of you,

A man in black with a Meinkampf look


And a love of the rack and the screw.

And I said I do, I do.

So daddy, I’m finally through.

The black telephone’s off at the root,

The voices just can’t worm through.


If I’ve killed one man, I’ve killed two—

The vampire who said he was you

And drank my blood for a year,

Seven years, if you want to know.

Daddy, you can lie back now.


There’s a stake in your fat black heart

And the villagers never liked you.

They are dancing and stamping on you.

They always knew it was you.

Daddy, daddy, you bastard, I’m through.


 1.      Who is the speaker of this poem?

A daughter who is angry, disappointed, and sad with his father. The daughter uses figurative image of her father like a black shoe; like a statue that stretches across the United States; like God; like a Nazi; like a Swastika; and finally, like a vampire. The speaker is a woman or a daughter because on line 71 “If I’ve killed one man, I’ve killed two” it is related to the woman, how she is hatred with two of them. Like bullying.

2.      What is the tone of the poem?

She feels full of anger and hatred. For example, in “Daddy, I have had to kill you” it sounds like you really want to kill your one of family member. Is it normal? It is not normal, so I say she really feels disappointed with her father whereas he is a father who gives her money every day. Also, “If I’ve killed one man, I’ve killed two” it sounds like a big revenge of the speaker.

3.      In the first stanza how does he/she see him/herself?

“You do not do, you do not do” this repetition sounds like no happy with this stanza. The speaker tries to say to the “you” as “father” that not to beg something “You do not do, you do not do”

The speaker tells that “black shoe” is the place the speaker’s lived in.

“Any more” tells that the speaker want to go out from that place.

“Foot” describes what the speaker’s feels. The speaker is like something “not important” in father’s speaker’s life.

“Poor and white” explain that the speaker is really full of scared and threatened.

“Barely daring to breathe or Achoo” tells that the speaker won’t dare to breathe or sneeze because it can disturb the speaker’s father, meaning that the speaker feels trapped, scared, and nothing compared with this bad dream.

Whole : The speaker describes about her feeling about her father. She  won’t to stay together with his father because she is too scared to face his father. She said that he/she even won’t dare to take a breath or sneeze.

4.      How does the speaker characterize his/her father?

In line 16 to 18

In the German tongue, in the Polish town

Scraped flat by the roller

Of wars, wars, wars

The speaker describes her father’s as a German tongue where in the Polish – a town has been destroyed by war. The speaker tells that her father scared the speaker like a German has been done to the Polish. There is called colony. “Wars” to describe what happen on the speaker and her father. It’s like no good communication.

In line 24 to 28

“I never could talk to you” The speaker also laments that he/she never talk to the father.

The tongue stuck in my jaw.

It stuck in a barb wire snare

Ich, ich, ich, ich,

I could hardly speak.

The speaker also laments that she never talk to the father because her tongue always stuck. She describes that she talks to German and feels nervous, even she never understand about the language. Finally, the speaker failed to speak fluently although she had been tried for several times. Clearly, the father has a label to be a stubborn person, even the daughter feels not comfortable to speak between them.

Lines 29-30

I thought every German was you

And the language obscene

The speaker explains that the father is Nazi –kind of people in German. They uses the bad language, and the speaker doesn’t understand about the language. The speaker has a trouble communication with her father.

Lines 43-44

And your neat mustache

And your Aryan eye, bright blue

“neat mustache” and blue “Aryan eye” describe how the father physically looks like very German, like Adolf Hitler. While “Aryan” is a term for during Nazi rise to power. And “Blue-eyed” people who were seen as “high-class” to Jews and gypsies. So, the image of the father’s speaker is really Hitler with Hitler’s mustache and idealized bright blue eyes.

Lines 45

Panzer-man, panzer-man, O You ~

Panzer-man related to the German tank drivers. Describing how scary and terrible the father’s speaker.

Lines 48-50

Every woman adores a Fascist,

The boot in the face, the brute

Brute heart of a brute like you

The speaker tells about the Fascist which is loved by women. It says that “brute” relate to Hitler. “Brute like you” You is father, so the character of the speaker’s father is brute, cruel.

5.      What kinds of emotions are revealed in this poem by the speaker? How would you know?

The kinds of emotions are a revenge, claiming that she killed both her father and the man – her husband.

Lines 71

If I’ve killed one man, I’ve killed two ~

The speaker claim from line 6 that she killed her father. We had known that the father died before the speaker really had killed him. But, there is one man, not her father, who is killed by her. The second man is… (the clue is in the next stanza)

Line 72-74

The vampire who said he was you

And drank my blood for a year,

Seven years, if you want to know.

The indication of the second man that she modeled after her father and married. “Drinking blood” the metaphore for the speaker’s relationship with his the this man, like a marriage. “A drank my blood for a year” it sounds like to drain the speaker life away, like a vampire sucks a blood to dry. “Seven years” how the speaker feels cruel of the husband. “If you want to know” the speaker just want to emphasize and tell about a long year she had been cruel with to her father.

The underlined word model is from line 64-65 “I made a model of you, A man in black with a Meinkampft look” the speaker has a model like his father.

Line 66 : “And a love of the rack and the screw” the rack and the screw are both gruesome torture instrument. This man sounds like the epitome of devil.

6.      What do you think if the title, is it opposite? Why/why not?

Yes, I think it is opposite. Logically, Daddy is usually for a spoil child to her father. It indicates the closeness between the daughter and her father. It also shows good relationship between them. But I found from the analysis that it was so far. Almost there is no way to show about the proximity between father and his daughter. The speaker always uses bad, rude, rough word to metaphors her father at the poem, all of stanzas.

But on my opinion, it is unique title. Because the writer, Sylvia Plath, uses a contrast title to make the reader be misled. Before people read the poem, they will think “A”. After finished reading, the will think “B”. The readers will be curious about the “real message” from the poem.

7.      How do you think the relationship of the speaker and his/her father?

I think that relationship between of the speaker and hher father is not good. Because in stanza 1 the speaker open with her fear word to describe about his feeling: scared and not comfortable; like want to run away. About the speaker is never using a good figurative word to describe her father: like a black shoe that she’s had to live in; like a statue that stretches across the United States; like God; like a Nazi; like a Swastika; and finally, like a vampire.

8.      How would you explain the last line of the poem?

The last line : Daddy, daddy, you bastard, I’m through

This line like to reach to the top. The speaker uses word not only “daddy” but also “bastard” which I think they have contrast meaning about positive and negative. Word “daddy” related to a child who is very spoil and love his father. And it has positive meaning. Whereas “bastard” is negative word.

My opinion that the speaker shows her love with “daddy” like she is beating her chest hardly. She uses “bastard” to show her effort to criticize her father – he’s Nazi, the devil, and a vampire. But in the end, he/she just wanted to show good verbal punch to call her father a bastard.

7 Jenis Makanan Peningkat Konsentrasi dan Memori Otak

27 Jun

Semua makanan di dunia ini sangat berpengaruh terhadap badan kita, termasuk cara kerja otak kita. Kaitannya, sebuah penelitian mengatakan bahwa kualitas makanan yang kita makan setiap harinya sangat berpengaruh terhadap daya ingat dan konsentrasi kita.

Terdapat sekitar 100 miliar sel neuron yang ada di dalam otak kita dan mengontrol semua bagian fungsi tubuh kita. Tentunya mereka membutuhkan serangkaian makanan bernutrisi dan memiliki kriteria tertentu untuk memenuhi kelancaran dan power supply setiap harinya. Sel otak tersebut membutuhkan energi yang cukup tinggi, yakni mewakili 20% dari metabolism dasar kita.

Berikut adalah peran makanan dalam kesehatan ingatan kita dan beberapa makanan yang dapat meningkatkan baik daya ingat kita dan tingkat konsentrasi kita:

1. Makan makanan seimbang

Glukosa yang disediakan oleh darah adalah bahan bakar utama otak adalah glukosa. Setiap hari otak membutuhkan glukosa, bahkan jika kita kekurangan glukosa yang notabene nya prioritas pada bahan bakar maka akan mengganggu kelancaran fungsinya.

Beberapa makanan untuk meningkatkan daya ingat yang baik antara lain: Roti, biskuit, pasta, nasi, kentang, buah-buahan, jus dan sayuran. Jika teratur mengkonsumsi makanan tersebut, berglukosa cukup untuk tubuh, maka hal tersebut bisa meningkatkan memori. Karena pasokan utama otak adalah glukosa.

Kapan kita sebaiknya mencukupi otak dengan glukosa agar berfungsi dengan baik? Sarapan. Mengapa sarapan? Padahal sebagian besar penduduk bumi akhir-akhir ini sering mengabaikan sarapan. Taukah Anda? Sarapan merupakan kebutuhan awal energi, dan penelitian terbaru mengungkapkan bahwa hal tersebut memberikan kontribusi untuk kinerja mental yang baik. Studi tersebut melibatkan anak-anak dan remaja. Dengan sarapan mereka dapat memiliki kondisi yang siap untuk memori juga kinerja yang lebih baik di sekolah.

Begitupun orang dewasa, konsumsi secara teratur makanan pada “jam-jam” makan tertentu akan meningkatkan konsentrasi memori yang lebih baik dan serta terjadi peningkatan kinerja kerja.

2. Waspadalah terhadap diet

Dewasa ini banyak wanita ingin memiliki tubuh yang ideal, yaitu dengan cara “diet.” Kadang mereka diet terlalu ketat hingga menimbulkan efek negatif terhadap kesehatan. Salah satu gejala utama efek dari diet ketat tersebut adalah gangguan neurologis yang parah, seperti: kehilangan memori, kurang konsentrasi, lemah, bad mood, dan lain sebagainya.

Diet yang dilakukan para wanita menyebabkan pola makan menjadi tidak seimbang, yakni menncakup berbagai makanan dalam jumlah proporsi yang benar. Akibatnya, tubuh tidak mendapatkan vitamin yang diperlukan, serta “glukosa” yang amat penting bagi memori, hingga berkurang drastis. Inilah salah satu alasan yang perlu dipertimbangkan jikalau ingin melakukan program diet yang terlalu ketat, jangan sampai hal ini menjadi pemacu yang berbahaya bagi tubuh Anda sendiri.

3. Mengganti cairan tubuh

Sebagai manusia, hidrasi yang memadai merupakan kebutuhan prioritas bagi tubuh. Sayangnya, manusia hampir mengabaikan hal penting dilakukan ini. Banyak berbagai alternatif mencakup untuk memadai jumlah cairan yang dibutuhkan oleh tubuh, yakni: kopi, teh, jus, sirup, buah-buahan, hingga sayur mayur yang kaya akan cairan segar dan sehat.

Untuk buah-buahan dan sayuran, tubuh harus konsumsi setinggi 70-80% dari berat badan kita. Hidrasi ini sangat penting karena hasil penelitian membuktikan: jika kekurangan 3% dehidrasi (yaitu kurang dari 250 ml) dalam tubuh, maka akan berpengaruh terhadap kurangnya konsentrasi, daya ingat yang melemah, dan mengurangi kinerja aktivitas kita sehari-hari.

4. Vitamin

Vitamin B adalah vitamin yang sangat berkontribusi terhadap aktivitas fungsi sistem saraf, yakni memfasilitasi transfer impuls saraf, terutama vitamin B6, B12, dan asam folat. Makanan yang kaya akan vitamin B antara lain: produk susu, kacang-kacangan, biji-bijian dan sayuran berdaun hijau.

Beberapa tambahan lainnya, yaitu: vitamin antioksidan seperti E dan C, dapat meningkatkan memori dengan memperlambat penuaan sel-sel otak. Makanan kaya vitamin E adalah minyak zaitun dan minyak biji. Sumber penting dari vitamin C adalah jeruk, kiwi, blackberry dan stroberi.

Jadi, jangan abaikan vitamin yang sangat mendukung aktivitas Anda. Sebisa mungkin penuhi dan jangan malas untuk konsumsi makanan yang mengandung vitamin yang dibutuhkan otak Anda.

5. Ikan berlemak

Apakah kalian tahu daging merah atau hal semacamnya? Daging merah atau dikenal dengan sosis merupakan makanan yang kaya akan lemak jenuh juga kardiovaskular yang produsen ciptakan. Fakta lain menunjukkan bahwa sosis atau daging merah mengurangi kapasitas kenerja intelektual.

Solusi untuk mengurangi konsumsi sosis adalah memperbanyak makan ikan, terutama ikan berminyak seperti: salmon, trout, dan tuna. Jenis-jenis ikan tersebut merupakan sumber yang sangat baik dari omega-3 asam lemak. Fakta omega- 3 adalah untuk meningkatkan memori dan melindungi sel-sel otak dari kerusakan.

6.  Mengontrol kadar zat besi

Zat Besi adalah nutrisi penting bagi tubuh kita. Jika mengalami kekurangan zat besi ini, terutama jika anemia, akan mempengaruhi fungsi kognitif, yaitu memori dan kemampuan otak untuk berkonsentrasi. Zat besi terdapat pada makanan sayur mayur. Jadi, cukupi zat besi dengan konsumsi sayur yang diperlukan oleh otak.

7. Coklat

Coklat merupakan makanan yang paling disukai oleh kebanyakan manusia. Ternyata dari hasil dari penelitian menunjukkan manfaat dari cokelat sendiri, yakni: meningkatkan produksi endorphin, zat yang menyebabkan mood lebih baik dan merangsang memori. Selain itu, cokelat juga mengandung jumlah moderat kafein, untuk meningkatkan suasana hati kita.

Namun berhati-hatilah, konsumsi coklat terlalu banyak dapat menyebabkan penambahan berat badan signifikan karena cokelat memiliki kalori tinggi. Untuk mengantisipasi keadaan ini, cokelat yang kaya akan Kakao cukup memberikan solusi ideal dan sehat.


27 Jun


Elizabeth Barrett Browning was one of the most prominent poets of the Victorian era. One of the famous love poems in the English language is “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.” The love that is appeared in this poem is a complex. This poem explains how does the love work while you’re in it? What kinds of love are there? How and when do they happen? How do you love someone in different ways with the contrast way? Those are the reasons why this poem is good. “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways” will answer them.


The speaker

The speaker is a woman who has a very complex internal emotional landscape. She loves someone intensely and wholly, but she also has “old griefs” – things she’s bitter about and lost saints, she’s lost her faith in and feels disappointed about. She also talks about her “childhood’s faith” as though it was in the far distant past, which suggests that this is a mature and older speaker.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways

  • The speaker uses “thee” which has a certain formality over it. So, it means “no gender is implied.”The speaker does not use gender makers such as him, her, she, or he which makes it possible for the poem to be read to both of gender, a man or a woman.
  • This poem starts with a rhetorical question. The speaker makes the question that’s going to control the entire poem: how does she love “thee.” The speaker wants to mention about how she loves her beloved.
  • In “Let me count the ways” : the speaker shows to count the ways she loves him at all of the poem. “Count” she would need to count them. “Count” the ways you loves someone does like “a bit, well, calculating” the speaker’s initial decision to count types of love is intriguing. I agree with a quote from, this poem look more interesting to read with a unique choice title of the poem. Who wants to count how you love your beloved?
  • In another link that I got from says that, “The poem starts by the poet asking a rhetorical question: How do I love thee? With poet counting the ways how she loves thee instead of trying to explain how she loves thee. She does so because she can not possible explain her love, so she starts with listing some, perhaps the most passionate ways of her love towards thee.” I think the word “passionate” is suitable for showing passion the best, the strong feeling to her beloved. It is really clear that the speaker gives the “main message” in this poem is describing her strong love to her man.

I love thee to the depth and breadth and height

  • The speaker explains her love using a spatial metaphor. She expresses that her love extends to the “depth” “breadth” and “height” that her soul can reach. She uses a three-dimensionalto know the container of her soul.
    • Breadth is width, a measurement of how far across her love is. Height and depth represent how far down (deep) and how far up (high) her love is, in relation to her position in the universe.
    • Quote from says, “Using normal measurements for something that cannot be measured. This is spatial metaphor. In this way she is trying to illustrate she loves every single piece of him that there is nothing that she would change about him.” I agree that she is really love her beloved using “depth” “breadth” and “height” for describing. How she loves her beloved in all possible directions. Explaining that there is not one direction in which she does not have the feeling of love. Something coolest keyword to describe what she will says on the next poem line.
    • This spatial love is the first of the ways of loving that speaker lists.

My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight

  • These measurements, though physical are also spiritual, as they pertain to her soul, which is body and spirit infused.
  • In the says, “As she is trying to feel the full extent of her soul, she realizes that she loves “thee” in every part of it – to the “depth and breadth and height” that it reaches”
  • In the says, “This is an illustration of how much she trusts him. Even though she cannot see the ending of how this love will end, she trusts him and is willing to reach out in darkness, not knowing what’s coming for her.
  • I agree at the first link because this line poem is related with line two. This line describe clearly what she can reach ”depth and breadth and height” in her soul for her beloved. But in the second line, it looks perfect reason. But it does not relate to anything on the line of the poem.

For the ends of Being and ideal Grace.

  • In the says, “When the speaker is trying to figure out (“feeling”) how far her soul (her “Being”) extends in the world, she realizes that her love for the beloved extends just as far (that’s all the “depth and breadth and height” stuff in line 3). I agree that her love is natural what she feels and gives to her beloved.
  • I think the word “Grace” tend to a name of the “church” we had known that “church” is holy and white. She describes that her love is very white, there is no black on her love. It relates to the “for the ends of Being” which her love is really big in three-dimensional “depth and breadth and height.”

I love thee to the level of everyday’s

  • This is a next way to love her beloved. The key is “to the level of everyday’s” This line becomes more grounded and down to earth. Even though her love is passionate “depth and breadth and height”, she also loves her beloved in regular “everyday’s” or day-to-day way.
  • Her love is on the same level as our most basic needs–air, water, food, shelter, kinship and love–that need our attention day and night.
  • In the explains,“even though it is not directly described, we get sense of everyday domestic living here – the reality of wanting to be with someone all the time in a low-stakes kind of way. This is a “married-and-hanging-out-watching-TV-on-the-couch-each-night” kind love, instead of a “Romeo-and-Juliet-are-going-to-die-tomorrow” kind.” It means that she wants always to the next her beloved. They get married and do everything together until they die.
  • This “everday’s” is the second way of loving that the the speaker lists.

Most quiet need, by sun and candle-light.

  • This statement above is a continuing word from “everydays.” The says, “It is important, however, that this does not mean the love is any less significant. The everyday “need” for love may be “quite,” but it is definitely there.” The speaker explains that she needs him even though there is nothing special happening. She just needs for her life, her every day. Without this man, it is not the same.
  • By “The speaker also completes the description of everyday love with two images of light: “by sun and candle light.” Basically, this is just a way of saying “in the day and at night.”
  • In another sources, says, “the sun and candle light while talking about her love. This line is one of the only lines where she is using concrete imagery. She is using the image of light being constant and abstract saying that her love will forever and go on but with a sense of mystery. The sun is also a very well know image for being strong, powerful, and good.”
  • I think the most that the sun is something human beings cannot live without and the speaker is illustrating her love. She tries to say that she cannot live without him. She looking at him “everyday” is lighten her day. The “sun” tries to light at day and the “candle-light” providing the light at night.

I love thee freely, as men strive for Right;

  • “I love thee freely” it sounds like pretty good ways to love, there is no a force to love. She loves him of her own free will, and not out of obligation. This is the kind of love that is freely given without any coercion by guilt or force or the threat of force.
  • The speaker uses a metaphor “as men strive for Right.” The speaker is implying that “men strive for Right” in a “free” way. Morally, someone will choose one that be good for her or him. The speaker uses “men strive for Right” to be a choice, people try to do the right think because they think they ought to. She feels she has to do this, “freely” is something “right” for her.
  • The meaning of “freely” In the is she loves him without expecting anything back. Also she is willing to fight for him.
  • “freely” is the third way of loving that the speaker lists.

I love thee purely, as they turn from Praise.

  • “I love thee purely” has the same meaning with “I love thee freely” it is not impure. It is good way to love someone.
  • In the says, ”That is, her love is pure in the way that being modest and refusing everyone else’s admiration is pure.”
  • In the says, “Perhaps the speaker is also implying that she’s not proclaiming her love in order to be applauded by her readers. She is not seeking praise for writing a great poem about love; she loves without wanting any reward or commendation.
  • I agree I also think as that “purely” there is no distrust and no judgment for her love. And “Praise” is “reward”. Try to connect this, what will you get after you are being a greater writer of the poet? You will get a reward, right? So, she predicted that she did not make this poem with a praise but it came from her deep heart without exception.
  • “Purely” is the fourth way of loving that she speaker lists.

I love thee with the passion put to use

In my old griefs, and with my childhood’s faith.

  • In the says, “old grief are think of an incident in your past that you still feel really angry about. Consider the intensity of your feelings when you think about this incident – you know, the sort of thing that absolutely has you gnashing your teeth and spitting and swearing and absolutely seething with bitter fury.”
  • Old grief is something a bad event in the past. Now imagine all “passion” and intensity of bitter feeling and convert it into “love” it is like the speaker wants to say “I love you with all the energy I used to spend being bitter about stuff in my past”, as quoted
  • The meaning “childhood’s faith” based on, that you believed in stuff when you were a kid. Your mom’s ability to fix anything you broke like Tooth Fairy or Santa Claus, and your dad’s ability to answer any question, and the way you believed that adults mostly knew they were doing and everybody followed the rules. That’s your “childhood’s faith.”
  • I think that the speaker love her beloved with “passion” or “love” although he has a bitter stuff in the past. And how she loves him? With “childhood’s faith” everything that her beloved needs her helps, she always help with a huge patient which is innocent relationship and can be naïve sometimes.
  • “old grief” is way of loving is number five, and the “childhood’s faith” way is number six.

I love thee with a love I seemed to lose

With my lost saints – I love thee with the breath,

  • The speaker’s love for “thee” is she had for her childhood heroes and other people she admired. Either she has lost these people because they died, or she’s been disillusioned about them.
  • In says, “lost saints are not misplaced Catholic statues. Instead, they are the people you used to believe in that you do not have faith anymore. You know, heroes who let you down, whether they are famous people (Roger Clemens? Britney Spears?) or just friend or family members who you once had a really high opinion of and now, well, they seem merely human.”
  • Lost saints is talking about a faith for her love. Although she is disillusioned with her beloved, she still loves intensively. Whatever her beloved to do, she still holds a faith. She also loves him with her breath. Breath refers to “life” because we can stay alive with a breath, right?
  • “Breath” the ways number eight of loving described in the poem.

Smiles, tears, of all my life! – and, if God choose,

  • In says, “She loves him with every smile that crosses her face – her happiness is always an expression of loving him, even when she is smiling about something else.
  • But it is not just her happy moments that go into loving him; it is the sad ones, too (the “tears”) and even the regular, unemotional moments – the continuous “breath” of life. Even breathing in and out seems to be way of loving in this poem.”
  • In short, when loving her beloved, she feels everything like smile or tears, happiness or sadness. She has a nice moment with her beloved and she also has a sadness moment.
  • “Smiles” and “tears” are ways number nine and ten of loving described in the poem.

– and, if God choose,

I shall but love thee better after death.

  • The tells, “If God lets her, she is going to love her beloved even more intensely after death. Even in death, this speaker is going to find a new way of loving.”
  • I think it is clear that the poem is hyperbole. So, she explains “afterlife” as the way loving to her beloved after she died. She even find a new style to love him,it is called immortality.
  • In another word, her love for him will not end at the grave but God willing, will continue on eternally.
  • “Afterlife” way of loving number eleven.


In short, “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways” explains how the speaker love her beloved. The speaker tells us many things in this poem clearly. The speaker confesses how big her love is and tells about her sincere love. One of the passage is the kind of love described in this passage almost sounds more like admiration and esteem like loving someone to the greatest “height” that your soul can go. So, we had known several reason why this poem became famous.

Online Social Networking Benefits

27 Jun

Online social networking is when people connect with other people online through certain websites. The most common for young person today include Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter. Each person creates his or her own account and page, and posts information, photos, video, and comments. When a person “friends” another person through a social networking site, that person can then access the other person’s page and make comments, upload photos and so on. Right now, most of them think social networking is the best way to connect with others and it can improve people social life. Although there are risks inherent in online social networking, there are also many potential benefits from it. Social networking can provide opportunities for new relationships as well as strengthening existing relationships. Furthermore, people can use them as source of information and news.

No doubt, Facebook, Myspace, and Twitterare most powerful social media and social networking site. They can use them to connect with your family, friends, work colleague and to meet new people. Specially, this is the best way to find their school, college or any other old profile. Most of the people who know how to use computer and internet, have a profile on Facebook. Moreover, it is easy to find like-minded people by seeing their interest and they can easily connect with them using wall updates, private message, poke or text and video chat.Facebook can also be use as video chat tool. Recently Facebook implemented Facebook video chat feature in partnership with Skype and now they can make video call to their friends using Facebook inbuilt video chat app. This facility can provide opportunities for new relationships as well as strengthening existing relationships.

Talking about positives of Facebook, it is a real-time social networking site and it is one of the best source to stay updated with latest news and updates. Moreover, major news usually goes frequently on Facebook and they will not miss important updates. Bloggers and Internet marketers can subscribe to popular blog Fan pages and keep themselves with latest updates. Another great advantage of Internet is that students can learn things from it according to their interests. There is more up-to–date information that books cannot provide as fast as Internet. Also, since there are millions of people using the Internet, there are millions of points of view on the same topic. Some are nasty and some are good. That gives a good chance for teenagers to compare and contrast and learn to make up their mind, but not fully receive what people say.

In conclusion, besides of being addicted to social networking, it can improve people social life because it provides opportunities for new relationships as well as strengthening existing relationships and they can use them as source of information and news. They can use them to connect with your family, friends, work colleague and to meet new people. In the other hand, they will not miss important updates and news.

Comparative Essay: Spider Man and Iron Man

27 Jun

Spider Man and Iron Man are two widely known superheroes from the comic books to the movie industry. They are both fictional characters that star as the protagonist who is constantly putting his life in danger in an attempt to fight evil. While the two heroes share a common goal, they possess qualities that are almost in complete opposition towards each other. Just about every aspect of these men are different, from their backgrounds to their superpowers.

The distinct personalities of Iron Man and Spider Man are of the most recognizable differences between the two. The man underneath Spider Man is a nerdy high school student named Peter Parker. He’s over indulged by his emotions and he doesn’t take much pride in himself or his actions. His voice resembles a slow mutter with almost no character. Worse yet is that Peter lives in an apartment with his grandparents and his form of transportation is a scooter. On the other hand, Tony Stark, the man behind Iron Man is a confident, fast talking individual who doesn’t hesitate towards anyone or anything. He is a highly sought after and famous businessman/engineer that is head of the world’s biggest weapons manufacturer. His lifestyle is that of a rock star, who loves to drink scotch, draws crowds wherever he goes and always manages to bond well with women. He has an enormous mansion overlooking the ocean in southern California and his transportation is a collection of exotic sports cars.

Spider Man became who he is by accident, after being bitten by a radioactive spider during a class field trip. The spider’s venom formed a mutation in his body that gave him superpowers of superior strength/speed and the ability to shoot spider webs from his wrists. His ability to shoot spider webs allows him to, climb walls, swing from roof tops and stop villains by entangling them in spider webs. Tony Stark began his transformation after his army convoy was ambushed in Afghanistan and he was kidnapped by terrorists. The terrorists negotiated he’d be set free if he built a deadly missile for them. Tony disobeyed the terrorist’s orders and instead built a full armor shield around his entire body. With the use of this special shield and some weaponry, he was able to escape the terrorist camp without severe injuries and return home. He then modifies this armor suite by retrofitting rockets onto it so he can fly.

Both superheroes are very smart, but their intelligences are portrayed in much different manners. When Peter enters college, he studies his books nonstop and does well in his classes. He is intrigued by technology and the works of famous scientists. However, his intelligence only adds to his dork-like character. Tony Stark is an MIT grad with a genius level of intelligence. He can visualize and then create just about anything and he always has a clever solution to outsmart the bad guys. One of the first scenes in the movie involves him receiving a Nobel Prize for his achievements throughout life.

Although the two superheroes have many differences, there are also a few similarities they possess.

One striking similarity of these two superheroes is their love life. Both Iron Man and Spider Man fall in love with a girl that is very close in their lives. Spiderman falls in love with his neighbor Mary Jane who he has lived next store to for over 10 years. Iron Man falls in love with his personal secretary, whom he has also know for many years. It’s ironic how both of these superhero’s fall for ordinary average women.

Another unusual similarity of these superheroes is that neither one has parents. Iron Man’s parents die by accident in car crash. Iron man inherits his father’s business and continues his legacy of fighting evil by providing cutting edge weaponry to the armed forces. While there is never any talk about Spider Man’s parents, his father-like figure Uncle Ben, was killed by a burglar. It was the tragic event that pushed Spider Man to use his powers and put an end to crime.

Iron Man was the super hero who fought against Middle Eastern terrorists. Spider Man was super hero that kept New York City free of criminals. Both of these men fought to save people and got rid of evil forces. These heroes did their business in different ways with different styles. While some ironic similarities exist between the two of these superheroes lives, these men hardly resemble each other in terms of personality and status. Tony Stark is a well-known figure in the public world, with a constant urge to share his mind. Peter Parker is a local kid who lacks a social life.

Unforgettable Experience

27 Jun

Whenever somebody asks me to relate an experience that I can never forget, millions of different experiences come into my mind. But there is one experience which I would consider to be the most unforgettable and most scary. It was the first time I rode on roller coaster. Why? The fear and anxiety that I felt, is beyond one’s imagination. Let me recall the whole incident.

It was a sunny day, I woke up early in the morning. The room that came into view was unfamiliar. “Weird!” I thought to myself. “Why couldn’t I recognize my own room?” After a while, “I remembered. I’m in the United States of America.”

“We are going to Disneyland today.” My sister’s voice interrupted my thought. I could sense a happiness in her cheerful voice.

The moment we reached there, my sister suggested, “Let’s go for a ride on the roller coaster. I’ve heard so much about the roller coaster in Disneyland and I’m dying to try for it.”

“No way, man. I wouldn’t want to be scared to death!” I protested, shaking my head from right to left as hard as I could.

“Come on, mom. Can we go?” my sister asked.

“No! No! No!” I answered. But my sister didn’t give in. She begged my mother until my mother said, “Okay, go on.”

Without wasting a second, my sister dragged me to the where the roller coaster was. I was really nervous.

“Wow!” my sister cried out loudly. She could not hide her surprise, “This is the biggest roller coaster I’ve ever seen.” I agreed with her in my heart. The big roller coaster that stood in front of me did amaze me.

“Hurry up!” urged my sister. I followed her unwillingly. I was even more nervous when I saw the sign CAUTION. My sister led me into a small room where the person-in-charge showed us our seats. I sat on my seat reluctantly.

“Relax and take it easy!” my sister tried to comfort me but it did not help. I nodded obediently and manage to flash her a smile.

After a while, I heard a siren that hurt my ears. The siren warned us that the scary trip was about to begin, I shut my eyes tightly. Both my hands seized the seat so tightly that they ached. I guess I was panicky. I tried to calm myself down but in vain. I heard people shouting excitedly. They were so eager to begin. Finally, I felt the roller coaster move. Slowly at first, then faster, faster and faster as it began to pick up speed. I felt my stomach turning upside down. It moves so fast that I nearly fell from my seat. I felt sweat streaming down my face from my forehead. My heart was pounding loudly. I regretted taking a ride on this scary thing.

“When will this big, stupid caterpillar stop moving? Please slow down, slow down or I’ll get a heart attack.” I pleaded in my heart but the roller coaster refused to listen to my pleas. I heard people screaming crazily. It was driving me nuts. The roller coaster swung to the right then to the left. It swung so hard that my head knocked against the front seat. When the roller coaster slid down from the highest peak, it was the most frightening part of the whole trip. My eyes were wide open. My heart stopped beating. I screamed at the top of my voice and my hair was flying wildly in the air. The fifteen minutes ride on the roller coaster was like fifteen years to me. My face was as pale as a corpse when I came down from the roller coaster. I buried my face in my hands because I felt the world was spinning. My father and mother rushed towards me when they sensed something was wrong with me. My whole body was trembling and my hands were icy cold. I opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out.

From that moment on, whenever people mention roller coaster, a chill runs through my spine. I think that ride on the roller coaster was the most unforgettable experience in my life.


26 Jun

Dewasa ini, makin banyak media sosial yang bermunculan. YouTube merupakan salah satu website terpopular era kini. YouTube adalah sebuah situs web video sharing (berbagi video) populer dimana para pengguna dapat memuat, menonton, dan berbagi klip video secara gratis. Umumnya video-video di YouTube adalah klip musik (video klip), film, TV, serta video buatan para penggunanya sendiri. Format yang digunakan video-video di YouTube adalah .flv yang dapat diputar di penjelajah web yang memiliki plugin Flash Player.

Domain yang bernama YouTube ini diasakan oleh tiga mantan karyawan PayPal, yaitu: Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, dan Jawed Karim. Web yang aktif sejak 15 Februari 2005 itu sangat diminati oleh banyak kalangan masyarakat di dunia, mulai dari anak kecil hingga dewasa. YouTube yang fenomenal mempunyai persepsi yang beragam, ada Pro dan Kontra, berasal dari berbagai Negara. Berbagai video sharing YouTube yang ada memiliki berbagai dampak sebagai media massa berbasis web ini. Mulai dari yang berdampak positif, negatif, dan juga dampak sebagai komunikasi massa. Efek yang ditimbulkan oleh YouTube sangat mempengaruhi kehidupan masa kini.

  1. Apa persepsi masyarakat tentang kemunculan YouTube dengan bentuk fenomena pro dan kontra yang beredar?
  2. Apa dampak yang dimunculkan oleh YouTube yang berpengaruh terhadap kehidupan masyarakat?

Komunikasi massa adalah pesan-pesan yang dikomunikasikan melalui media massa pada sejumlah besar orang (Bittner, 1980)

Batasan komunikasi ini lebih menitikberatkan pada komponen-komponen dari komunikasi massa yang mencakup pesan-pesan, dan media massa (seperti koran, majalah, TV, radio, film), serta khalayak.

Komunikasi massa adalah suatu proses dalam mana komunikator-komunikator menggunakan media untuk menyebarkan pesan secara luas, dan secara terus menerus menciptakan makna-makna yang diharapkan dapat mempengaruhi khalayak-khalayak yang besar dan berbeda-beda dengan melalui berbagai cara (De Fleur dan Dennis McQuail, 1985).

Adanya perkembangan yang pesat dibidang teknologi komunikasi seperti internet, newsgroup, mailing list, World Wide Web, televisi kabel multisaluran, dan perbincangan di radio dan televisi yang bersifat interaktif menimbulkan semua pertanyaan apakah semua ini merupakan media komunikasi massa atau bukan. Itu pulalah yang sebabnya definisi tentang komunikasi massa juga mengalami perubahan.

Perkembangan media cetak ditandai dengan munculnya media cetak jarak jauh, sedangkan media elektronik antara lain ditandai dengan adanya produksi high deflinition television video yang mampu menyuguhkan gambar-gambar yang sangat tajam sesuai aslinya. Disamping itu, revolusi layar monitor telah melahirkan televise berlayar datar, tipis, dan dapat dipampang didinding.

Perkembangan yang paling mutakhir adalah munculnya media telematika seperti telex dan videotex. Media telematika mencakup beberapa unit seperti layar gambar, jaringan komputer, sistem transmisi, sistem miniaturisasi, sistem penyimpanan, sistem pencarian, dan sistem pengendalian.

Ciri-ciri media baru ini secara umum antara lain:

  1. Pengadaan  informasi tidak sepenuhnya berada pada sumber sesungguhnya
  2. Kemampuan yang tinggi dalam pengiriman pesan-pesan melalui kabel dan satelit sehingga mengatasi hambatan komunikasi
  3. Proses komunikasi berjalan dua arah (inter-aktivity) antara sumber dan penerima. Artinya penerima dapat memilih, menjawab kembali, dan menukar informasi secara langsung.
  4. Adanya kelenturan/flexibility dalam hal bentuk, isi, dan penggunaan medium.

Menurut Werner J. Severin dan James W. Tankard beberapa ciri lingkungan

media baru ini adalah sebagai berikut:

  1. Teknologi yang dahulu berbeda dan terpisah seperti percetakan dan penyiaran sekarang bergabung.
  2. Kita sedang bergeser dari kelangkaan media menuju media yang berlimpah.
  3. Kita sedang mengalami pergeseran dari mengarah kepuasan massa audiens kolektif menuju kepuasan kelompok atau individu.
  4. Kita sedang mengalami pergeseran dari media satu arah menuju media interaktif.

Sehubungan dengan hal tersebut, Onong Uchjana, dengan mengutip Severin dan Tankard mengemukakan definisi komunikasi massa sebagai berikut: “Komunikasi massa adalah sebagian keterampilan, sebgaian seni, dan sebagian ilmu. Sebagai keterampilan jika komunikasi massa meliputi teknik-teknik fundamental tertentu yang dapat dipelajari seperti memfokuskan kamera, mengoperasikan tape recorder, atau mencatat ketika wawancara. Sebagai seni dalam pengertian bahwa ia meliputi tantangan-tantangan kreatif seperti menulis naskah untuk program televisi, mengembangkan tata letak yang estetis untuk iklan majalah atau menampilkan teras berita yang memikat bagi suatu kisah berita. Sebagai ilmu dalam pengertian bahwa ia meliputi prinsip-prinsip tertentu tentang bagaimana berlangsungnya komunikasi yang dapat dikembangkan dan dipergunakan untuk membuat berbagai hal menjadi lebih baik.”

Karakteristik Komunikasi Massa

  1. Komunikator yang terlembagakan
  2. Komunikasi melalui media massa pada dasarnya ditunjukkan kepada khalayak yang luas, heterogen, anonim, tersebar, dan tidak mengenal batas geografis dan kultural.
  3. Bentuk kegiatan melalui media massa bersifat umum dalam arti perorangan atau pribadi. Isi pesan yang disampaikan menyangkut orang banyak, tidak menyangkut orang perorangan atau pribadi.
  4. Pola penyampaian pesan media massa berjalan secara cepat dan mampu menjangkau khalayak luas, bahkan mungkin tidak terbatas baik secara geografis maupun kultural.
  5. Penyampaian media massa cenderung berjalan satu arah.
  6. Kegiatan komunikasi media massa dilakukan secara terencana, terjadwal, dan terorganisasi.
  7. Penyampaian pesan melalui media massa dilakukan secara berkala.
  8. Isi pesan yang disampaikan melalui media massa mencakup berbagai aspek kehidupan seperti ekonomi, politik, sosial budaya, dan keamanan, baik yang bersifat informative, edukatif, dan maupun hiburan.
  9. Media massa mengutamakan unsur isi daripada hubungan.
  10. Media massa menimbulkan keserampakan.
  11. Kemampuan respon alat indera terbatas

Karakteristik Isi Pesan Media Massa

  1. Noveltry (sesuatu yang baru)
  2. Jarak (proximity)
  3. Popularitas
  4. Pertentangan/konflik
  5. Komedi
  6. Seks dan keindahan
  7. Emosi
  8. Nostalgia
  9. Human Interest

A.    Dampak Media Massa sebagai Objek Fisik

Menurut Steven H. Chaffee ada 4 dampak kehadiran media massa sebagai objek/fisik sebagai berikut:

1. Dampak Ekonomis

Kehadiran media massa menimbulkan dampak secara ekonomis, yaitu menggerakkan usaha dalam segala sektor seperti produksi, distribusi, dan konsumsi jasa media massa. Misalnya, kehadiran surat kabar membuka kesempatan kerja bagi para wartawan, perancang grafis, distributor, pengecer, dan sebagainya.

 2. Dampak sosial

Dampak sosial berkaitan dengan perubahan pada struktur atau interaksi sosial sebagai akibat dari kehadiran media massa. Misalnya, pemilikan media massa (radio atau televise atau berlangganan surat kabar) telah meningkatkan status sosial pemiliknya.

3. Dampak pada penjadwalan kegiatan

Kehadiran media massa dapat mengubah jadwal sehari-hari khalayak. Misalnya, Pak Budi sebelum mempunyai TV biasa tidur pukul 20.00, tetapi setelah memiliki televisi jam tidur Pak Budi berubah setelah tayangan film laga di televise yang biasanya ditayangkan diatas pukul 20.00.

4. Media massa sebagai penyaluran perasaan

Sering kali orang menggunakan media untuk menghilangkan perasaan tertentu, seperti kesepian, marah, kecewa, bosan, dan sebagainya.

5. Dampak menumbuhkan perasaan tertentu

Kadang-kadang, seseorang akan mempunyai perasaan positif atau negatif terhadap media tertentu. Misalnya, seseorang akan mempunyai perasaan positif terhadap media cetak “Kompas” atau stasiun TV “Indosiar” daripada surat kabar “Republika” atau stasiun televisi RCTI.

B.    Dampak Pesan Media Massa

1. Dampak kognitif

Dampak ini berkaitan dengan penyampaian informasi, pengetahuan, dan kepercayaan yang diberikan media massa. Seperti, melalui acara media massa kita jadi tahu mengenai berbagai hal seperti cara mengasuh anak, membuat masakan daerah tertentu, dan sebagainya.

2. Dampak Afektif

Dampak pesan media massa sampai tahap afektif yang disebarkan media massa mengubah apa yang dirasakan. Afektif berkaitan dengan perasaan, ransangan emosional. Misalnya, kita terharu ketika membaca ulasan tentang keberhasilan tukang becak menjadi sarjana.

3. Dampak Konatif/Behavioral

Dampak media massa ini mendorong Anda melakukan tindakan-tindakan tertentu. Misalnya, setelah Anda menonton tayangan televisi tentang Gempa Tsunami di Aceh kemudian segera mengirimkan bantuan uang dan makanan.

Dampak kognitif, afektif, dan konatif pesan media massa terhadap khalayak akan semakin kuat apabila ditunjang oleh beberapa kondisi sbb:

1. Exposure (jangkauan pesan)
Dampak media massa akan semakin kuat bila telah ter-exposure. Misalnya, orang yang ada di Jakarta atau Semarang sama-sama telah menonton tayangan kekerasan di Irian Jaya.
2. Kredibilitas
Dampak media massa akan semakin kuat bila telah memiliki kredibilitas yang tinggi. Jadi, pesan yang disampaikan bisa terpercaya.
3. Konsonansi
Dampak media massa akan semakin kuat bila memiliki prinsip konsonansi. Isi pesan yang disampaikan media massa relatif sama, baik hal materi isi, arah, dan orientasinya maupun dalam hal waktu, frekuensi, dan cara penyampaiannya.
4. Signifikansi
Informasi yang disampaikan signifikan yakni berhubungan langsung dengan kebutuhan khalayak. Misalnya, tentang kenaikan harga sembako.
5. Sensitif
Informasi yang dihasilkan media massa akan berdampak kuat jika berhubungan dengan hal yang sensitif. Seperti menyangkut agama, ras, etnis, dan golongan.
6. Situasi kritis
Informasi yang disampaikan akan berdampak kuat jika masyarakat sedang berada dalam situasi kritis akibat ketidakstabilan struktural.
7. Dukungan komunikasi antarpribadi
Informasi yang disampaikan akan berdampak kuat jika didukung oleh dukungan komunikasi antarpribadi, yang ramai dibicarakan oleh orang-orang.

Munculnya youtube di kalangan masyarakat dunia memunculkan  persepsi orang dalam bentuk pro dan kontra. Bagi mereka yang pro terhadap fenomena mutakhir YouTube, mereka memanfaatkan YouTube sebagai media pembelajaran musik dan disisi lain sebagai sarana menuju popularitas yang instant dan berkembang menjadi “mesin pencetak uang” melalui popularitas tersebut. Proses pembelajaran melalui media YouTube adalah: download > transkip > latihan. Pengguna melakukan streaming atau downloading `dengan membuka situs you tube, setelah proses itu pengguna melakukan save file dan membukanya kembali untuk melihat gaya atau cara si guru (objek dalam video) memainkan teknik atau memberikan arahan, seperti itulah terjadi proses latihan yang berulang-ulang dan intesif. Sementara itu mekanisme terjadinya pencapaian instant  seseorang lewat media YouTube: Action  > Respon viewer >  Publikasi oleh media > Legitimasi > Popularitas. Pengguna melakukan aksi yang unik atau impresif dan mendapatkan respon oleh viewer. Proses respon ini bisa mengalami duplikasi yang sangat cepat dikarenakan penyebaran informasi dari satu viewer ke  viewer lain, atau rasa penasaran seseorang atas perbincangan di suatu komunitas tertentu. Selanjutnya respon ini sampai kepada respon media yang melihat ini sebagai fenomena baru yang menarik untuk diangkat. Hal ini mengakibatkan “penegasan” informasi bahwa misalnya artis A telah mengunggah video yang menarik dan menyaksikannya lewat internet, media masa, radio atau televisi. Proses duplikasi informasi yang berulang-ulang inilah yang secara tidak langsung menimbulkan legitimasi publik bahwa artis A telah menjadi perbincangan “seru” diseluruh media dan berbagai lapisan masyarakat, setelah itu lahirlah seorang artis baru dengan popularitas yang tinggi.

YouTube, situs yang paling banyak dikunjungi ketiga, telah disensor beberapa kali di beberapa negara karena berbagai alasan. Hal tersebut merupakan bentuk aksi kontra mereka. Negara-negara yang pernah memblokir ataupun masih memblokir. Berikut adalah daftar negara yang menyensor YouTube:

  1. Arab Saudi: YouTube dapat diakses di Arab Saudi, tetapi halaman untuk mengkonfirmasi tanggal kelahiran pengguna diblokir, mencegah pengguna di Arab Saudi melihat halaman yang dinyatakan untuk dewasa di YouTube.
  2. Armenia: Karena Armenia menyatakan keadaan darurat sebagai hasil dari protes pemilihan presiden Armenia 2008, YouTube telah diblokir di Armenia sejak 2 Maret 2008. Dibawah keadaan darurat, tidak ada media yang diperbolehkan menyiarkan kecuali berita resmi.
  3. Brasil: YouTube dituntut oleh model Brazil dan VJ MTV, Daniela Cicarelli (lebih terkenal sebagai bekas tunangan Ronaldo) bahwa situs ini menyediakan video yang dibuat oleh paparazzi. Video tersebut menampilkannya bersama pacarnya melakukan hubungan seksual di pantai Spanyol. Tuntutan meminta agar semua video itu dihapus, jika tidak, YouTube akan diblokir di Brasil. Pada Sabtu, 6 Januari 2007, perintah legal memerintahkan agar penyaring diletakan untuk mencegah pengguna di Brasil mengakses situs tersebut. Pengukuran keefektifan dipertanyakan karena video itu tidak hanya ada di YouTube, tetapi juga di situs lain sebagai bagian dari fenomena Internet. Pada Selasa, 9 Januari 2007. Pengadilan yang sama berbalik dari pilihan mereka sebelumnya, meminta penyaring dihapus. Setelah pelarangan YouTube di Brasil, terdapat situs sebagai pengganti YouTube di Brasil.
  4. Iran: Pada 3 Desember 2006, Iran memblokir YouTube, bersama dengan beberapa situs, setelah menyebutnya “amoral”. Pelarangan YouTube dilakukan setelah video mengenai bintang sinetron IranMKO (grup perlawanan Iran utama melawan Rezim Islam Fundamentalis). melakukan hubungan sex dimasukan di YouTube. Beberapa sumber mengklaim bahwa pemblokiran ini disebabkan oleh film yang mengagungkan
  5. Moroko: Pada 25 Mei 2007, Maroc Telecom milik negara memblokir semua akses ke YouTube. Tidak terdapat alasan yang diberikan mengapa YouTube diblokir, tetapi terdapat spekulasi bahwa hal tersebut memiliki hubungan dengan grup separatis Polisario atau terdapat film yang mengkritik raja Mohammed VI. YouTube dapat diakses kembali pada 30 Mei 2007.
  6. RRC: Sebagai bagian dari program pensesoran Golden Shield, YouTube diblokir di Republik Rakyat Tiongkok sejak 15 Oktober 2007.
  7. Suriah : YouTube kini diblokir di Suriah sejak tahun 2007. Hal ini dikarenakan pemerintah merasa situs-situs media sosial, seperti salah satunya YouTube, mengkritik kebijakan serta tindakan pemerintah dan mendukung pandangan politik oposisi.
  8. Thailand: Selama satu minggu 8 Maret 2007, YouTube diblokir di Thailand. Banyak pengguna blog mempercayai bahwa alasan pemblokiran adalah video pidato mantan Perdana Menteri Thaksin Shinawatra dalam CNN. Pemerintah Thailand tidak mengkonfirmasi alasan pemblokiran, tetapi YouTube dapat diakses kembali pada 10 Maret 2007. Pada malam 3 April 2007, YouTube kembali diblokir di Thailand. Pemblokiran ini disebabkan karena adanya video yang menghina Raja Bhumibol Adulyadej. YouTube dibuka pada 30 Agustus 2007 setelah YouTube setuju untuk menghapus video yang menghina Raja Thailand tersebut. Pada 21 September 2007, Thailand mengumumkan mereka meminta perintah pengadilan untuk memblokir video yang muncul di YouTube menuduh Prem Tinsulanonda mencoba memanipulasi tahta kerajaan untuk menjadikannya Raja Thailand.
  9. Turki: YouTube diblok di Turki pada 6 Maret 2007 sampai 9 Maret 2007. Pemblokiran ini disebabkan karena adanya insiden penghinaan antara orang Turki dan Yunani dengan menggunakan media video yang diunggah melalui YouTube.
  10. Uni Emirat Arab: YouTube diblokir di Uni Emirat Arab dikarenakan terdapat konten dewasa yang bertentangan dengan agama, kultur, politik, dan nilai moral Uni Emirat Arab.
  11. Pakistan: YouTube diblokir di Pakistan karena mengandung konten yang tidak etis dan juga anti-islam menurut hasil pengawasan Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), Badan Otoritas Telekomunikasi Pakistan.
  12. Indonesia: Pada 1 April 2008, menteri informasi Indonesia, Muhammad Nuh, telah menulis surat kepada YouTube untuk menghapus sebuah film Belanda, Fitna, yang dibuat oleh politisi sayap kanan Belanda, Geert Wilders. Pemerintah Indonesia memberikan waktu dua hari untuk menghapus video tersebut atau YouTube akan diblokir di Indonesia. Pada 4 April 2008, Muhammad Nuh meminta semua ISP untuk memblokir akses ke YouTube. Pada 5 April 2008, YouTube diblokir sebagai percobaan oleh sebuah ISP. Akhirnya pada 8 April 2008, YouTube, bersama dengan MySpace, Metacafe, Rapidshare, Multiply, Liveleak dan situs resmi Fitna, telah terblokir di Indonesia. Pemblokiran YouTube telah dibuka pada 10 April, dan pemerintah menyatakan maaf atas insiden pemblokiran tersebut.

YouTube sebagai web terpopular, memiliki dampak yang positif hingga negatif. Pengakses YouTube bisa melihat official music video dari suatu penyanyi solo, band dari seluruh dunia, video tutorial penggunaan macam-macam hijab yang lucu dan tidak biasa, cover video dari berbagai orang di dunia yang bebas mengekspresikan diri mereka, thriller movie, video perkembangan sejarah dunia. Selain itu, YouTube yang akunnya bebas dimiliki siapa saja, merupakan kesempatan suatu oknum yang tidak bertanggungjawab menampilkan video yang kurang pantas, seperti video porno, video kekerasan, video yang merubah reputasi orang, dan video berkonotasi negatif terhadap nama seseorang. Tentu hal ini sangat berpengaruh terhadap kehidupan sebenarnya dimasyarakat. Pengakses Youtube adalah siapa saja dan berumur berapa saja, tidak menutup kemungkinan anak-anak dibawah umur ikut menyaksikan video yang negatif seperti video kekerasan yang telah disebutkan sebelumnya. Selain itu, situs ini juga menyiarkan tayangan-tayangan dan gambar-gambar yang berbau pornografi. Tayangan ini sangat mudah untuk diakses sehingga banyak anak yang dapat dikategorikan masih dalam usia dini sering mengaksesnya. Hal ini merupakan suatu hal pemicu utama dari perusakan moral bangsa dan penyebab seringnya pelecahan seksual yang dilakukan anak-anak kepada teman sebayanya. Maka disinilah peran orang tua, yaitu agar dapat memberikan pengawasan yang ketat terhadap anak-anak dalam penggunaan teknologi terutama media sosial YouTube.

Seperti yang telah dikatakan dalam teori bahwa setiap media massa memiliki dampak sebagai objek fisik. Begitupun web YouTube ini, yakni memiliki beberapa dampak. Yang pertama adalah dampak ekonomi. Semakin banyak yang mengakses web YouTube, semakin banyak warung internet atau disebut sebagai warnet yang dibuka. Banyak masyarakat berbagai profesi seperti penyanyi amatir, politikus, designer, mahasiswa, juga dosen pun membutuhkan dan tertarik untuk mengakses web tersebut dengan berbagai kegiatan yang beragam. Warnet tersebut merupakan kesempatan untuk orang lain membuka lahan bisnis.

Selain dampak ekonomi, Youtube juga memiliki dampak sosial. Masyarakat mengenalnya dengan sebutan “Artis YouTube.” Dengan adanya akses media massa “YouTube” banyak orang bisa berekspresi dangan sebebas-bebasnya, misalnya dengan menyanyi. Dewasa ini banyak artis terkenal bermula dengan bermodal “iseng-iseng” mengisi waktu dan meng-upload videonya sendiri ke akun YouTube nya. Dengan “iseng-iseng” tersebut, artis dadakan tersebut dapat meningkatkan status sosialnya, yakni yang sebelumnya hanya orang biasa dan tidak dikenal, setelah video dirinya yang menunjukkan keahliannya dalam bernyanyi di upload ke YouTube, barulah ia menjadi artis yang dikenal khalayak orang. Contohnya, Justin Bieber, Maddy Jane, Alyssa Bernal, Greyson Chance, Kim Yeo Hee, Cody Simpson, Raisa, Gamal, Audrey, dan Cantika. Seperi riwayat Justin Bieber yang berawal dari ibunya yang mempublikasikan video Justin dalam kompetisi menyanyi lokal “Stratford Star” di Ontario di tahun 2007. Scooter Braun, seorang agen pencari bakat dan mantan Marketing Eksekutif perusahaan So So Def melihat video ini dan memutuskan untuk mempertemukan Justin Bieber dengan Usher untuk audisi. Pada saat itu Justin meraih peringkat kedua. Bakat Justin kini dinikmati oleh khalayak dan Justin kini menjadi terkenal. Secara otomatis, tindakan ibu Justin tersebut berdampak sosial yaitu menggeser status sosial Justin yang lebih tinggi.

Dampak selanjutnya adalah dampak pada penjadwalan kegiatan. Dengan diperkenalkannya YouTube sebagai sarana media massa yang bisa diakses non-stop tanpa jeda selama 24 jam, membuat pengguna YouTube berlama-lama didepan laptop. Maka jadwal sebelum adanya YouTube, segala jadwal tersusun rapi menjadi berubah total, terutama jadwal tidur, lebih malam bahkan begadang demi mengakses YouTube.

Dampak ke empat yakni media massa sebagai penyaluran perasaan. YouTube juga sebagai sarana media untuk menghilangkan perasaan tertentu. Apa yang dilakukan Shinta dan Jojo, dua mahasiswa, yang merekam aksi “joget” nya ke Youtube merupakan contoh dari menyalurkan perasaannya dan kesenangannya melakukan hal tersebut.

Dampak menumbuhkan perasaan tertentu juga merupakan dampak yang dimunculkan YouTube. Seseorang akan mempunyai perasaan “positif” terhadap YouTube karena web tersebut menyediakan berita yang berbasis audio-visual yang sangat nyaman dikonsumsi oleh banyak kalangan terutama masyarakat yang kurang minat membaca. Jadi, mereka juga memiliki informasi juga walaupun tidak membaca koran atau bagi anak kost-an yang tidak memiliki televisi yang cenderung mencari informasi ke YouTube. Masyarakat juga memiliki perasaan “negatif” terhadap YouTube terutama orang tua yang khawatir kepada anak-anaknya yang bisa saja mengakses hal-hal negatif diluar jangkauan mereka.

Sebagai media massa yang baik, YouTube menyampaikan pesan yang cukup berpengaruh terhadap masyarakat. YouTube memberikan tiga dampak pesan, meliputi: dampak kognitif, afektif, dan konatif. Sifat berita yang diberikan YouTube pasti kognitif karena meliputi informasi semua aspek kehidupan Negara yang up to date seperti info olahraga, ekonomi, politik, dan sebagainya. Pengetahuan juga disediakan YouTube, dengan konsonansinya (cara penyampaiannya) ditampilkan secara jelas secara visual. Misalnya, cara membuat kerajinan dari limbah. YouTube akan menyediakan tahap-tahap membuat sebuah kerajinan yang bahan dasarnya dari limbah. Dampak afektif ditemui misalnya saat menonton film “Surat Hafalan Delisa” di YouTube, kita akan merasa sedih dan terharu. Yang terakhir adalah dampak konatif atau behavioral. Misalnya, setelah menyaksikan Tsunami yang dialami oleh Negara Jepang dari YouTube, kemudian banyak dari perwakilan mahasiswa Indonesia bersama-sama menyanyi dengan bahasa “Jepang” dan hasilnya dikirimkan ke Jepang sebagai tanda peduli masyarakat Indonesia atas kejadian Tsunami yang dialami Negara Jepang.


YouTube merupakan salah satu media massa yang terpopular dan penggunanya tersebar diseluruh dunia ini memiliki persepsi tersendiri bagi masyarakat, ada yang pro dan kontra dengan beberapa alasan tersendiri. Sebagai media massa yang modern, YouTube memiliki berbagai dampak bagi khalayak. Mulai dari dampak positif, negatif, hingga dampak sebagai media massa. Hal tersebut sangat terkait dan menentukan perkembangan dunia yang hasilnya perilakunya tampak pada masyarakat umum dewasa ini.

Essay Writing Narrative Essay: A Mannequin Story

26 Jun

I am confused to write my unforgettable moment. But my head is showing an awkward moment that I did last night. I feel funny when I remember. But it was going so badly.

Last night, my uncle told me to move a desk to my room while I was watching IMB on Trans TV.

“Move this desk into your room. If you are using a laptop, you just use this desk.” My uncle said. He also added that if you wanted, you clean it right now. Then, I look into worse desk. It was full of dusk.

“Yes. I will do that.” I just followed what he commanded.

I thought, I must to clean it at that time. To scan all the dusk on the desk. I did not know why I felt on fire! So, I started to clean but there was not a napkin. Then, I called my cousin, Arum, to help me finding napkin.

Arum was on the watching room together with me while I was busy to move all the things following on the desk like a printer, small things – I did not know the name was -, and two mannequin. Until I forgot to ask my cousin about napkin. Then, I started to do other things: moving the things on the desk.

“Rum, can you carry this to the other place. I will clean the bad dusk around them.” I showed Arum two head of mannequin like an human being.

“OH! NO! NO! I WILL NOT! AT LEAST FOR THIS NIGHT! TOMORROW WILL BE ALRIGHT!” Arum screamed suddenly. Even I did not know, she was scary on head of mannequin. But on the other side, I did not feel scary, I felt good at the time, not terrible. It was just a doll. It was just a doll, right? So, I decided to clean it up tomorrow.

On Sunday morning, I woke up too late, at 08.30 A.M. I felt sleepy because I stayed all up night to do the assignment. I remembered to move my desk. So, I called Arum that has already woken up early than me. I asked her to find several napkins for cleaning the desk.

I was ready to clean the desk with inflamed eye on my face. I started to move all the things on the desk. When my hand touched  two mannequin, I started to scream suddenly. Did you know what happen with me? I felt scary suddenly both of two mannequin. I always imagined that two of mannequin have a soul to life suddenly. I felt awkward because “at night” I did not feel scary but “in the morning” I really was scary.

Then, I called Arum again, again, and again until she heard my panic voice to help me moving those two scared mannequin! Actually, she was still scary. She even told me to use a newspaper for covering the face of two mannequin while we were moving those two things. My fear was increasing when I wanted to lift it up but both of mannequin fell down suddenly. My feeling was going to be scary. I imagined that they would live and be angry to me because I did their face down. Oh My God! I was really being a child. Finally, we have moved the both of the mannequin. At last, we moved the desk at less than two minutes. Free feeling were following us after that!

From that moment on, I feel awkward. Even I don’t know actually, I really feel scary or not of the mannequin. I had known myself, I am a category of a brave and never caring people toward the scary things especially those mannequin. I just called it “a suggestion” which makes me scary suddenly. That fear that I got from my cousin last night. I hope this feeling is not following me for the next day.

Cause Essay: The Cause of Obesity

24 Jun

In globalization era, many people get obesity. It is the common problem that we must know why the obesity is so booming in the world. We had known that everyone needs an amount of fat for storing energy. If the consumption of fatty food is too over, it can be bad effects to our body metabolism. Obesity has three causes: sedentary lifestyle, eating a lot of food, and night eating syndrome.


The first cause of obesity is eating a lot of food. In this century, many problems can increase the stress. For example, as a college student we have a lot of assignment that have to be finished in the same deadline. It makes us very stressful. So, many college students run from the stressful problem to food. The more we eat, the more a chance to get obese fast.


The second cause is night eating syndrome. People especially college students have a lot of assignment that have to be finished for tomorrow. They do not have time to finish their assignment except they have an additional time to finish it. So, most college students decide to stay up all night to do that. When they are doing that, they will feel hungry. They tend to eat a lot of food like chocolate. After that, they will fall asleep and the food will be fat. Of course, it becomes obese when they do it repeatedly.


Third cause is sedentary lifestyle. Sedentary lifestyle is a bad lifestyle that people are too lazy to do something. They tend to be silent without a movement. They do not need to move their foot to spend a lot of energy to do something. When they keep on the sedentary lifestyle to their life, they have big possibility get obese. For example, recently people just stay at home when they want to eat especially fast food. It is because they can call the delivery order. It makes their fat folded. Finally, they get obesity if they do that repeatedly and intensively.


In short, there are three factors that make people obese. They are eating a lot of food, night eating syndrome, and sedentary lifestyle. I think as a human being we want to keep our body health. So, we must concern about three factors above.

Tentang Basis Data

16 Jun

Jelaskan manfaat dari penggunaan basisdata.

a. Dapat menghindari adanya redundancy atau duplikasi data, yang merupakan  salah satu penyebab terjadinya inkonsistensi data.
b. Menyediakan interface untuk multiuser, sehingga suatu basis data dapat digunakan oleh beberapa user dalam waktu yang bersamaan.
c. Pengguna dapat menyimpan, mengubah, maupun menampilkan data yang diinginkan secara mudah dan cepat.
d. Pada sistem basis data, dapat ditambahkan aturan keamanan sehingga dapat membatasi akses user terhadap basis data tersebut.
e. Memudahkan pengguna dalam melakukan backup dan recovery data.

Jelaskan masalah-masalah yang dapat ditemui jika tidak  menggunakan basisdata.

a. Mungkin terjadi duplikasi data yang menyebabkan banyak space (memori)  komputer yang terbuang sia-sia untuk menyimpan data yang sama. Selain itu, juga dapat menyebabkan terjadi inkonsistensi data, yaitu saat data yang sama diubah hanya pada satu tempat saja sedangkan di tempat lainnya tidak diubah.
b. Sulitnya menganalisa keterhubungan data atau memperoleh data yang saling berkaitan karena memerlukan pekerjaan/proses tambahan dalam memahami keterkaitan antar data yang disimpan.
c. Tidak adanya format baku dalam penyimpanan data sehingga menyebabkan data tersimpan tanpa adanya format yang sama. Hal ini dapat menyebabkan sulitnya dalam mengolah data.
d. Membutuhkan waktu yang lebih lama dalam pencarian data karena data kurang terstruktur.
e.  Sulitnya untuk berbagi data karena setiap program atau aplikasi memiliki keterbatasan dalam mengakses data dari program atau aplikasi lainnya.

Jelaskan bagaimana kedudukan pengembangan basisdata dalam pengembangan sistem informasi secara keseluruhan.

Saat ini basis data sangat diperlukan untuk pengembangan informasi. Pengembangan basis data itu sendiri harus dilakukan sejalan dengan pengembangan sistem informasi. Hal ini ditujukan agar sistem informasi yang dirancang dan diproyeksikan dapat menghasilkan sebuah sistem yang secara keseluruhan bekerja dengan semua aspek/tahapan yang membangunnya. Pengembangan basis data itu sangat menunjang pengembangan sistem informasi karena basis data adalah salah satu komponen penting dalam sistem informasi yang merupakan dasar dalam penyediaan informasi. Selain itu dengan basis data kita dapat menentukan kualitas informasi dengan cepat, akurat, tepat pada waktunya dan relevan.

Tidak hanya itu, keamanan sistem informasi terletak pada keamanan sistem basis datanya karena salah satu aspek yang terpenting dalam keamanan sistem informasi adalah proteksi terhadap pengaksesan dan perusakan data oleh pemakai yang tidak berwenang.

Jelaskan dan bandingkan fitur-fitur yang terdapat pada DBMS Oracle, PostGree SQL, dan SQL Server.

Oracle merupakan DBMS yang dikembangkan oleh Oracle Corporation. DBMS ini pertama kali disebarluaskan pada November 1979. Saat ini, versi stabil yang terbaru adalah versi 11g Release 2, yang diluncurkan pada September 2009. Oracle merupakan perangkat lunak berbayar.

PostgreSQL merupakan DBMS yang dikembangkan oleh PostgreSQl Global Development Group. Versi pertama disebarluaskan pada Juni 1989. Versi stabil yang terbaru adalah versi 9.0.3, yang diluncurkan pada 31 Januari 2011. PostgreSQL merupakan perangkat lunak tidak berbayar dan open source.

Microsoft SQL Server merupakan DBMS yang dikembangkan oleh Microsoft. DBMS ini hanya dapat digunakan di atas sistem operasi Windows. Versi pertama disebarluaskan pada 1989. Versi stabil yang terbaru adalah versi 10.5, yang diluncurkan pada tahun 2008. Seperti produk Microsoft lainnya, Microsoft SQL Server juga merupakan perangkat lunak berbayar.

oracle postgre sql server

perbandingan oracle postgre sql server