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Comparative Essay: Spider Man and Iron Man

27 Jun

Spider Man and Iron Man are two widely known superheroes from the comic books to the movie industry. They are both fictional characters that star as the protagonist who is constantly putting his life in danger in an attempt to fight evil. While the two heroes share a common goal, they possess qualities that are almost in complete opposition towards each other. Just about every aspect of these men are different, from their backgrounds to their superpowers.

The distinct personalities of Iron Man and Spider Man are of the most recognizable differences between the two. The man underneath Spider Man is a nerdy high school student named Peter Parker. He’s over indulged by his emotions and he doesn’t take much pride in himself or his actions. His voice resembles a slow mutter with almost no character. Worse yet is that Peter lives in an apartment with his grandparents and his form of transportation is a scooter. On the other hand, Tony Stark, the man behind Iron Man is a confident, fast talking individual who doesn’t hesitate towards anyone or anything. He is a highly sought after and famous businessman/engineer that is head of the world’s biggest weapons manufacturer. His lifestyle is that of a rock star, who loves to drink scotch, draws crowds wherever he goes and always manages to bond well with women. He has an enormous mansion overlooking the ocean in southern California and his transportation is a collection of exotic sports cars.

Spider Man became who he is by accident, after being bitten by a radioactive spider during a class field trip. The spider’s venom formed a mutation in his body that gave him superpowers of superior strength/speed and the ability to shoot spider webs from his wrists. His ability to shoot spider webs allows him to, climb walls, swing from roof tops and stop villains by entangling them in spider webs. Tony Stark began his transformation after his army convoy was ambushed in Afghanistan and he was kidnapped by terrorists. The terrorists negotiated he’d be set free if he built a deadly missile for them. Tony disobeyed the terrorist’s orders and instead built a full armor shield around his entire body. With the use of this special shield and some weaponry, he was able to escape the terrorist camp without severe injuries and return home. He then modifies this armor suite by retrofitting rockets onto it so he can fly.

Both superheroes are very smart, but their intelligences are portrayed in much different manners. When Peter enters college, he studies his books nonstop and does well in his classes. He is intrigued by technology and the works of famous scientists. However, his intelligence only adds to his dork-like character. Tony Stark is an MIT grad with a genius level of intelligence. He can visualize and then create just about anything and he always has a clever solution to outsmart the bad guys. One of the first scenes in the movie involves him receiving a Nobel Prize for his achievements throughout life.

Although the two superheroes have many differences, there are also a few similarities they possess.

One striking similarity of these two superheroes is their love life. Both Iron Man and Spider Man fall in love with a girl that is very close in their lives. Spiderman falls in love with his neighbor Mary Jane who he has lived next store to for over 10 years. Iron Man falls in love with his personal secretary, whom he has also know for many years. It’s ironic how both of these superhero’s fall for ordinary average women.

Another unusual similarity of these superheroes is that neither one has parents. Iron Man’s parents die by accident in car crash. Iron man inherits his father’s business and continues his legacy of fighting evil by providing cutting edge weaponry to the armed forces. While there is never any talk about Spider Man’s parents, his father-like figure Uncle Ben, was killed by a burglar. It was the tragic event that pushed Spider Man to use his powers and put an end to crime.

Iron Man was the super hero who fought against Middle Eastern terrorists. Spider Man was super hero that kept New York City free of criminals. Both of these men fought to save people and got rid of evil forces. These heroes did their business in different ways with different styles. While some ironic similarities exist between the two of these superheroes lives, these men hardly resemble each other in terms of personality and status. Tony Stark is a well-known figure in the public world, with a constant urge to share his mind. Peter Parker is a local kid who lacks a social life.