Essay Writing Narrative Essay: A Mannequin Story

26 Jun

I am confused to write my unforgettable moment. But my head is showing an awkward moment that I did last night. I feel funny when I remember. But it was going so badly.

Last night, my uncle told me to move a desk to my room while I was watching IMB on Trans TV.

“Move this desk into your room. If you are using a laptop, you just use this desk.” My uncle said. He also added that if you wanted, you clean it right now. Then, I look into worse desk. It was full of dusk.

“Yes. I will do that.” I just followed what he commanded.

I thought, I must to clean it at that time. To scan all the dusk on the desk. I did not know why I felt on fire! So, I started to clean but there was not a napkin. Then, I called my cousin, Arum, to help me finding napkin.

Arum was on the watching room together with me while I was busy to move all the things following on the desk like a printer, small things – I did not know the name was -, and two mannequin. Until I forgot to ask my cousin about napkin. Then, I started to do other things: moving the things on the desk.

“Rum, can you carry this to the other place. I will clean the bad dusk around them.” I showed Arum two head of mannequin like an human being.

“OH! NO! NO! I WILL NOT! AT LEAST FOR THIS NIGHT! TOMORROW WILL BE ALRIGHT!” Arum screamed suddenly. Even I did not know, she was scary on head of mannequin. But on the other side, I did not feel scary, I felt good at the time, not terrible. It was just a doll. It was just a doll, right? So, I decided to clean it up tomorrow.

On Sunday morning, I woke up too late, at 08.30 A.M. I felt sleepy because I stayed all up night to do the assignment. I remembered to move my desk. So, I called Arum that has already woken up early than me. I asked her to find several napkins for cleaning the desk.

I was ready to clean the desk with inflamed eye on my face. I started to move all the things on the desk. When my hand touched  two mannequin, I started to scream suddenly. Did you know what happen with me? I felt scary suddenly both of two mannequin. I always imagined that two of mannequin have a soul to life suddenly. I felt awkward because “at night” I did not feel scary but “in the morning” I really was scary.

Then, I called Arum again, again, and again until she heard my panic voice to help me moving those two scared mannequin! Actually, she was still scary. She even told me to use a newspaper for covering the face of two mannequin while we were moving those two things. My fear was increasing when I wanted to lift it up but both of mannequin fell down suddenly. My feeling was going to be scary. I imagined that they would live and be angry to me because I did their face down. Oh My God! I was really being a child. Finally, we have moved the both of the mannequin. At last, we moved the desk at less than two minutes. Free feeling were following us after that!

From that moment on, I feel awkward. Even I don’t know actually, I really feel scary or not of the mannequin. I had known myself, I am a category of a brave and never caring people toward the scary things especially those mannequin. I just called it “a suggestion” which makes me scary suddenly. That fear that I got from my cousin last night. I hope this feeling is not following me for the next day.


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