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Electronic commerce (e-commerce)

28 May

Nowadays, perkembangan teknologi berjalan sangat cepat, sampai pada akhirnya ditemukan media komunikasi bernama internet. Sejak awal penemuannya, internet has been growing rapidly sampai telah memiliki milyaran pengguna setiap harinya. Dalam penggunaannya, internet tidak hanya dibutuhkan untuk mencari informasi, tetapi juga untuk melakukan berbagai online transaction which we call it as electronic commerce (e-commerce). Being one of the newest way in commercial transaction, e-commerce has more benefits than the offline one do.

E-commerce is the process of buying, selling, or exchanging products, services, and information via computer networks that consist of electronic funds transfer, electronic data exchange, automatic inventory management, and sistem pengumpulan data otomatis. This commercial transaction is introduced firstly in 1994 when the first electronic banner used for promotion and periklanan di suatu website. E-commerce is an example of internet marketing which is the way to promote and market things using internet facility. Different from conventional marketing that must terjadi tatap muka antara penjual dan pembeli, internet marketing and also e-commerce mengandalkan kecanggihan dunia maya to do all activity in commercial transaction.

For pelaku bisnis, e-commerce can expand their business to national and international markets because we know that internet has spread on the whole world. Selain itu, this way in commerce only need modal yang kecil to make an online system that can run automatically without disturbing our daily activities. It also menawarkan big profit because this system can decrease the cost of creating, processing, distributing, storing, and retrieving based information of transaction because internet is much cheaper than the conventional one. In addition, pelaku bisnis dapat mengumpulkan informasi mengenai para pelanggannya melalui penggunaan cookies that can show buyer’s habits before buy things so that pelaku bisnis dapat memperbaiki all about periklanannya.

Not only pelaku bisnis, but also consumers can get many benefits from this transaction. E-commerce enables consumers to shop or to do the other transactions 24 hours a day, all year round from almost any location in the world. It also provides more choices with less expensive products and allows consumers to interact with the other consumers in electronic communities and exchange ideas to compare experiences about some products. Selain itu, consumers can receive relevant informations about the products which they want to buy in seconds. And in addition, e-commerce facilitates competition and auction for some products, which results in substantial discounts.

Certainly there are many advantages of electronic commerce (e-commerce) in commercial transaction. And now, we have known that e-commerce is more effective than offline one because it can give more benefits not only to pelaku bisnis, but also to consumers.